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  • Seoul Holds 3-Month Energy Saving Competition

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    In order to encourage apartment complexes and places of business to save energy during the winter months, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will be holding a “Winter Energy Saving Competition,” with a grand prize of up KRW 10 million. The competition will run from December 1 to February 28.

    Last summer, the government also held a similarly themed “Summer Energy Saving Competition”. The competition was participated in by 235 apartment complexes and 602 businesses, which ended up reducing their combined environmental impact by 2,468 tons of CO2 and saving about KRW 500 million in energy costs.

    In the apartment complex category of the winter competition, apartment complexes will be evaluated based on their energy reduction rate, eco-mileage program subscription rate, mini photovoltaic generator installation rate, and resident participation rate. Aside from promoting awareness of energy conservation, the competition also serves as an opportunity for residents to enroll in the government’s eco-mileage program and install mini photovoltaic generators in exchange for a monetary incentive.

    Apartment complexes that have received the grand prize in any previous energy saving competition or have received a total of three awards in previous competitions are ineligible to participate in this particular event. Instead, these apartment complexes will act as honorary apartment complexes and will be utilized as onsite training sites for the expansion of energy self-sufficient villages.

    In the business category, businesses will be divided into three different sub-categories according to the size of contract demand (less than 5kW, 6-19kW, and 20kW or more). Businesses with outstanding energy reduction performances will be provided with a maximum incentive of KRW 1.4 million to purchase energy saving products and improve their facilities.

    Any apartment complex or small/medium place of business can participate in the competition by submitting an application by January 29, 2016. The application for participation is available online at the One Less Nuclear Plant website (http://energy.seoul.go.kr) or offline at the One Less Nuclear Plant Information Center. Any questions regarding the competition can be directed to the Energy Efficiency Promotion Division (2133-3715) or the One Less Nuclear Plant Information Center (2133-3718).