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  • Seoul Holds 2020 SEOULIGHT Online

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    At the end of 2019, the SEOULIGHT took place with the participation of the world’s top media artists, becoming a representative media facade festival that attracted an audience of about 1 million citizens. This year, the autumn event of the 2020 SEOULIGHT, DDP LIGHT ON, will be displaying media facade works that contain cheerful messages of hope to comfort citizens who are weary from COVID-19 through design art online (for two weeks starting on Oct. 30).

    This year, in particular, the audience can watch works that are made based on the participation of citizens. The exterior wall of DDP will become a screen for the video that was created using more than 600 blue colored photos sent in by citizens, as well as for an interactive piece that visualizes citizens’ faces, which can be interpreted differently according to the feelings of the viewers. The media facade works that have been shot in advance will be shared on the DDP website and through various video-sharing platforms.

    Seoul Holds 2020 SEOULIGHT Online
    The Blue Light Inside of Me
    – Use of blue colored photos sent in by citizens
    – The mapped image of a blue paper crane flying into the air sends a message of hope and encouragement.
    – An interactive piece that visualizes the sensitivity of citizens through AI analysis
    – The AI learns the emotions of regular citizens as a text, analyzes negative and positive emotions, and reflects them on the expressions of the citizens.
    Monet’s Garden
    – Delivering the message of healing through nature in full bloom
    – A piece that realizes the harmony between the analog and the digital, re-creating the images observed by the artist from the perspective of a machine