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  • Seoul Holds 2019 Yongsan Week

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    2019 용산위크 yongsan Week 11.5(화) 용산전자상가(원효상가 6동 3층)

    Seoul will be holding 2019 Yongsan Week on November 5, 2019 (Tues.) at Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center, using the infrastructure that was constructed through the urban restoration of Y-Valley in the digital maker city of Yongsan, together with vendors, private and public companies, and local residents.

    Celebrating its 2nd anniversary, the 2019 Yongsan Week was prepared by various governance agencies, including vendors, start-ups, local residents, and young entrepreneurs who have participated in the urban restoration of the Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center. Yongsan Week is characterized by diverse programs, such as the “Imagination Hackathon” for win-win relationships and development of each agency, as well as the show, “Made in Y-Valley,” that was born through the urban restoration of the Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center.

    Main programs of the 2019 Yongsan Week include ▴ Imagination Hackathon that suggests the tasks for industrial innovation of Yongsan Y-Valley, ▴ Made in Y-Valley, an exhibition of products created in Yongsan, ▴ Imagination Network, a venue for information sharing between start-ups and young entrepreneurs, ▴ Digital Blacksmith, a creation experience program, ▴ the local Dragon Festival, and more.

    Overview of the Event
    □ Date & Time: November 5, 2019 (Tues.), 09:00 – 18:00
    □ Venue: Y-Valley and Digital Blacksmith (2F & 3F, Building #6, Wonhyo Shopping Center)
    □ Participants: Seoul City, Yongsan-gu, Urban Regeneration Center, Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center Residents’ Council, live-in organizations, regular citizens (participants in Hackathon, makers, start-ups, etc.)
    □ Organizers: Seoul City + Yongsan-gu + Urban Regeneration Center + Residents’ Council