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  • Seoul Holding the Opening of Seoul Friendship Festival this Weekend at Seoul Plaza

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    Seoul City will hold the Seoul Friendship Festival 2018 (Sept. 1 – 2), its representative The global event, where people can enjoy a treasure trove of diverse cultures from around the world in one place.

    The festival (formerly the Seoul Friendship Fair) is famous for its history and its tradition of allowing visitors to enjoy diverse cultural performances and foods from the world’s major cities and of promoting cultural exchanges.

    This year’s festival, attended by Seoul’s fifteen sister and friendship cities and seventy foreign embassies in Korea, will consist of cultural performances from fifteen overseas cities, an exhibition of foods from fifty-seven countries, a city tourism fair involving fifty-three countries, a publicity exhibition by eleven international organizations and NGOs, and a world marriage culture festival.

    The cultural performances will take place in Seoul Plaza, while the World Food Exhibition, which is growing in popularity every year, will be held on Mugyo-ro and Cheonggyecheon-ro. Visitors will be able to sample the cuisine of fifty-seven countries among many other attractions. Please note that those who prepare their tasting schedules in advance will have a more pleasant time.

    At the City Tourism Fair, some fifty-three countries will operate promotional booths at Seoul Plaza to display and sell diverse traditional artifacts and show off their attractive tourism contents.

    The World Marriage Culture Festival will feature a wide range of performances, exhibitions, experience programs and events under the theme of The global marriage culture. In particular, street parades by foreign participants wearing marriage costumes of ten countries, including Korea, are sure to attract much enthusiastic attention. Notably, Vietnam’s traditional wedding ceremony will be reenacted to provide citizens and visitors with an opportunity to experience the Southeast Asian country’s marriage culture.

    In addition, major international organizations and NGOs such as the UNHCR, Green Peace, and Save the Children will attend the festival to publicize their international aid activities and run various experience programs in which Seoul citizens can take part.

    Full details of the schedule can be viewed at the website of the Seoul Friendship Festival (seoulfriendshipfestival.org) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/seoulfriendshipfestival).

    ○ Events / Venue

    Events / Venue
    Venue Event
    Main stage at Seoul Plaza Sept. 1 (Saturday) Sept. 2 (Sunday)
    14:50~15:20 16:00~17:00 17:00~20:00 12:00~16:00 16:30~17:00
    ▸Pre-ceremony street parade ▸Opening ceremony
    ▸Opening performance
    ▸Congratulatory performance
    ▸Performances by troupes from overseas cities ▸Performances by troupes from overseas cities ▸Encore performances
    ▸Finale performance
    Seoul Plaza September 1st (Saturday) 12:00 ~ 18 :00 / September 2nd (Sunday)  12:00 ~ 17:00
    World Tourism Fair, World Marriage Culture Festival, NGO Exhibition
    Mugyo-ro World Food Fair, Stamp Rally
    Cheonggyecheon-ro World Food Fair, Music Cafe, Stamp Rally
    Events / Venue
    Street Parade World Food Fair
    Street Parade World Food Fair
    World Tourism Fair Performances by troupes from overseas cities
    World Tourism Fair Performances by troupes from overseas cities
    Performances by troupes from overseas cities
    Performances by troupes from overseas cities