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  • Seoul to hold spring flower festival along the Hangang River from April 1

  • Press Releases SMG 799
    • – <Han River Spring Flower Festival> is held all across the Han River Parks from April 1 (Sun) to May 20 (Sun)

    ① Enjoy 5 spring flowers in the relay:
    Golden Bell▶Cherry Blossom▶Canola Flower▶Wild Rose▶Rose

    ② Enjoy Spring of Hangang blossoming with a variety of unique festivals and events along with the spring flowers

    ③ Tree planting events with citizens to reduce fine dust and create Han River Forest
    – Seoul City expects citizens to enjoy the beautiful springtime with flowers in full bloom along the Han River

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 30, 2018 – As Spring arrives, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (Hangang Project Headquarters) is holding <Han River Spring Flower Festival>. The festival features flower-blooming areas along the Han River Parks and 51-day-long cultural programs from April 1(Sun) to May 21(Sun).

    ① Enjoy 5 spring flowers in the relay:
    Golden bell → cherry blossom → canola flower → wild rose → rose

    The festival starts with golden bells and cherry blossoms from April 1 (Sun), then canola flowers in early May, and wild rose and roses in mid-May. A 42km-long path of spring flowers stretches along the major green zones and bicycle paths in the Han River Parks, spreading beautiful fragrance.

    Banpo Han River Park and Seorae Island (two famous blooming areas in Han River Parks) turn yellow with canola flowers every May. <Hangang Seorae Island Canola Flower Festival> will be held colored by the blue-hued river and yellow-colored Seorae Island for 2 days from May 5 (Sat) to May 6 (Sun). Roses, the queen of flowers, are in full bloom starting from mid-May, bringing the spring flower parade to a close. You can take the photo of the lifetime with your lover, friends and family with a background of rose gardens at Ttukseom or Yanghwa Han River Park and Mangwon Rose tunnel, and enjoy the picnic on green grass. Across along the main green areas and bicycle paths in Han River Parks, a cluster of 30 spring flowers like pansy, viola, poppy and tulip will delight the eye and fill the Parks with splendid fragrances.

    ② Enjoy Spring of Han River blossoming with a variety of unique festivals and events along with the spring flowers

    Seoul is holding performances and exhibitions at Yeouido Mulbit Stage and Gwangjingyo 8th Avenue for free every Friday and Saturday. Large-scale events range from <Hiphopplaya 2018> in Nanji Han River Park on April 7 (Sat), <Have A Nice Day Festival> in April 14 (Sat) ~ April 15 (Sun), <Seoul Sessions Live Music festival> on May 5 (Sat), <Bluespring Festival 2018> in May 12(Sat) ~ May 13(Sun), to <Green-plugged 2018> in May 19 (Sat) ~ May 20 (Sun).

    The city government opens <Hangang History Tour Program> consisting of 13 storytelling courses about the river. <Seoul Battleship Park>, launched last year, provides unique experiences by displaying submarines, Chamsuri patrol vessels and Seoul Battle Ship.

    ③ Create “Han River Forest” to reduce fine dust where citizens participate in tree planting events

    Amid the troubling fine dust, citizens can contribute to creating “Han River Forest” to reduce the fine dust and make cleaner future environment. A total of 1,500 poplar trees will be planted at Gangseo Han River Park during “Han River Forests Event for Carbon Offset” on April 7 (Sat). On the same day, the “5th Carbon Offset Tree Planting Event” will see 3,000 trees and shrubs planted.

    “Han River Ecology Program” provides a host of programs in 10 major Han River Parks including Ttukseom Han River Park every month. Families can enjoy warm spring days together across the Han River offering beautiful scenery as well as enhancing environmental awareness.