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  • Seoul to Hold 10 Different Parades Covering from K-Pop to SF Film

  • Press Releases SMG 684
    • – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold 10 parades, “the queen of festivals,” this year; here’s information about when they will be held and how you can join
    • – K-pop cover-dancers from 10 countries group-dance to the latest K-pops at Seoul Plaza
    • – A rose tunnel parade stretches 5.15 km long (the longest in Korea); another parade will cover a theme of the Fox and the Stork (one of the Aesop’s fables) for cultural diversity
    • A “water parade” displays SF film-like images under the theme of “Invasion of Android.” There’s also a 58㎞-long parade showing King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 18 2018 – As the “queen of festivals”, the eye-catching parades turn up the heat of festivals with people walking together on the street. The Seoul city government holds 10 parades in different-themed festivals throughout Seoul this year. At least 100 and up to 1,600 people will parade down the streets.

    Korea’s longest (5.15) rose tunnel launches a rose parade. Meanwhile, another parade will cover the theme of , one of the Aesop’s fables to promote “cultural diversity.” Sinchon Water Gun Festival, one of Seoul’s popular parades, holds a parade reminiscent of SF films under the theme of “invasion of Android.”

    Foreigners will also join those parades as key players. K-Pop cover dancers from 10 countries like US and Mexico will dance to latest K-Pop music in a large-scale group at Seoul Plaza in June. Folk performance teams will come from Seoul’s 13 sister and friendship cities such as Beijing and Minsk in September. They will give splendid performance with colorful costumes and flags while joining the parades from Cheonggyecheon-ro to Seoul Plaza.

    History is one of the essential themes for parades. “King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment” will be held stretching 58km long from Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul to Shihung temporary palace in Suwon to Yungneung in Hwaseong in October. The “prehistoric street parade” will also be held from Cheonho Park to Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site. 1,600 residents will put on primitive costumes and accessories and dress up as the large-scale sculptures of prehistoric times such as archaeopteryx and comb-pattern potteries. The parade will give you a chance to have a time travel to the prehistoric times 6,000 years ago.

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Samulnori(Korean traditional percussion quartet), Seoul invites 1,187 participants to make a Korean percussion group. “1,187” symbolizes the hope for re-unification as the distance from the southernmost tip to the northernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula is 1,178km.