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  • Seoul Hangang Park Opens Outdoor Swimming Pool

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    Seoul Hangang Park Opens Outdoor Swimming Pool
    Panorama of Ttukseom Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Seoul will be operating its Hangang Park outdoor swimming pool facilities in Ttukseom, Gwangnaru, Jamsil and Jamwon to welcome in the summer season from June 29 to August 26, encouraging residents to enjoy themselves at a location closer to home. The Yeouido swimming pool and water parks located in Nanji and Yanghwa are scheduled to open as of July 6. The Mangwon swimming pool, however, will be closed this year due to plans for construction.

    The Hangang Park outdoor swimming pool, located at the heart of the city, offers a view of the river amid an open, pleasant water park atmosphere, with both swimming and other diverse facilities available, earning its steady popularity over the years as a summer getaway.

    Swimming pools are divided according to age groups as well, including separate pools for adults teenagers children and toddlers to ensure the safety of pool visitors. Shower facilities, snack bars and various supplementary facilities are also available.

    Entrance fees for pool facilities are KRW 5,000 for adults, KRW 4,000 for teenagers and KRW 3,000 for children, while the water park is available for a fee of KRW 3,000 for adults, KRW 2,000 for teenagers and KRW 1,000 for children with children under six years of age are permitted free entrance. Presenting parking tickets at facility entrances also earns visitors a 50% off discount from entrance fees.

    Facilities are open daily from 9 am to 7 pm and all visitors are required to wear swimming caps to help guarantee clean water quality and the assurance of sanitation for everyone.

    Seoul City has postponed the opening of ‘Yeouido Outdoor Pool’ and ‘Nanji ‧Yanghwa Water Playground’ from July 6 to July 13