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  • Seoul Bus

    00:00:17 Hi everyone!
    00:00:18 I am on the way to Ttukseom to meet my friend later.
    00:00:25 Seoul Bus
    Seoul Bus, which is an important part of transportation in Seoul, has very clean environment,
    and its possible to get to destination quickly by using the bus-only lanes.
    Also, in every bus stop, there is Bus Information System(BIS) that you can check the real-time information conveniently.
    00:00:35 What do you think is the advantage of Seoul bus?
    First, I really like that I can check how many minutes I have to wait for the bus.
    00:00:43 What do you think is the advantage of Seoul bus?
    Secondly, I like Seoul Bus because I can transfer.
    00:00:47 (( No additional fares for bus transfer! ))
    00:00:49 What do you think is the advantage of Seoul bus?
    Third, there is a lane only for Seoul Bus, so I can arrive at destination on time.
    00:00:58 I think the price is really good.
    00:01:00 And Seoul Bus is really clean.
    00:01:03 This is the Han River that I love the most! It’s Han River.
    00:01:12 Do you know about Owl bus?
    No. What is it?
    00:01:14 Owl bus
    Owl bus is the name of Seoul city’s night bus.
    The 9 routes have been selected and operated considering the concentration of the floating population during the late-night hours,
    providing convenient use of transportation for citizens.
    00:01:18 Oh, really? I should use it next time.
    00:01:22 Push this “STOP” button to get off.
    00:01:25 Fully enjoying selfie time~
    00:01:27 (By the way, Lena, didn’t you forget something?)
    00:01:28 Get off
    00:01:29 Get off X9
    00:01:35 Beep!
    00:01:36 And like nothing ever happened :)
    One, Two, Three.
    00:01:39 I took a bus and arrived at my destination.
    00:01:43 Now, I’d better get going to meet my friend.
    00:01:46 See you in next video~ Bye!
    00:01:52 Seoul bus has a clean environment and cheap fares, and if you have a transportation card, you can transfer from subway to bus without any additional charges, and vice versa.
    The basic fare is 1,300 won in cash (1,200 won with transportation card) for up to 10 km. The additional charge is 100 won for every additional 5 km. (As of November 2019)
    00:01:58 A total of 6,990 Seoul buses have become an important mean of transportation for citizens every day. (As of March 2019)
    Free public Wi-Fi services are available on most of Seoul buses from Nov. 20, 2019. Seoul plans to increase the number of free public Wi-Fi serviceable buses in the future.