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  • Cultural Seoul Plaza

    00:00:00 Are you ready? Let’s go!
    00:00:14 Hi guys, it’s me. Mariel
    00:00:17 Today, my classes have ended
    00:00:19 and right now, I’m on my way to the Seoul Square.
    00:00:22 Seoul Plaza.
    00:00:23 I heard that they have concerts.
    00:00:25 So we are going to see it.
    00:00:28 After I arrived,
    00:00:30 the classical concert had already started.
    00:00:32 -Hello. What can I borrow here?
    00:00:35 -Here are blankets and air beds for you.
    00:00:38 -Oh then one blanket please.
    00:00:40 -One blanket?
    00:00:41 -Yes
    00:00:44 As the weather was a bit chilly,
    00:00:46 I also decided to rent a blanket.
    00:00:51 Cultural Seoul Plaza
    ‘Cultural Seoul Plaza’ is a representative cultural program of Seoul that has been started since the beginning of Seoul Plaza.
    00:00:56 It’s not just a list of performances, but more like a festival with a story to enjoy a variety of performances ranging from dance, circus, classical music and Korean traditional music.
    00:01:14 So they’re having different concerts here every week.
    00:01:17 If you have a chance, also come and visit Seoul Plaza to enjoy nice performances.
    00:01:23 So, I will now see their many performances and then go home.
    00:01:28 So, bye~
    00:01:36 The ‘Cultural Seoul Plaza’ started in 2015 at Seoul Plaza and has various cultural performances with citizens from May to October every year.
    On the day without the performance, the city runs a citizens’ lounge on stage to provide visitors with a place where they can rest and enjoy citizens’ performances.