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  • Seoul Guarantees Rights of All Subway Passengers with Disabilities

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    In celebration of the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which fell on December 3, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its “Detailed Action Plan to Ensure the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” which includes 30 specific projects. The city government remarked that it will create a public transportation environment where persons with reduced mobility can move about without assistance.

    As part of the action plan, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will install elevators in subway stations in order to allow persons with reduced mobility and wheelchair users to move from the entrance of subway stations to subway platforms easily and without assistance. By 2022, 307 subway stations in Seoul will be equipped with such elevators.

    Of particular note, this plan has been established through a combination of public and private governance, consisting of experts and people with various physical disabilities, and by holding dozens of discussions on the issues that people with disabilities face. On the same day, the Seoul Metropolitan Government also announced the “Seoul Declaration on the Improvement of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.”

    The “Detailed Action Plan to Ensure the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” specifically mentions improvements in various areas, such as public transportation, public facilities, and pedestrian environments, intended to help persons with physical disabilities move about safely and conveniently. The plan consists of 30 specific tasks in four different categories, including ① the subway system, ② buses, ③ special means of transportation, and ④ sidewalks.