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  • “Seoul Good Public Design” Selected by Seoul City to Make Safe and Pleasant Urban Space

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    The city of Seoul has selected 45 safe and excellent public facilities, including benches and fences, that harmonize well with the urban landscape, as items qualified for the 22nd Seoul Good Public Design. The selected items will be allowed to use the certification mark and be provided with promotion support.

    The plan for the 22nd Seoul Good Public Design selection was announced in February 2019 and 97 items were submitted on the website for which document screening, examination, and on-site investigations were conducted. Finally, 45 items were selected.

    Seoul Good Public Design
    Items Benches Pedestrian Railings Bollards Street Tree Protective Covers Bike Lane Fences Bridge Railings Ground Equipment Security Lights Bike Racks
    45 5 21 3 2 7 4 1 1 1

    Among selected items were 21 pedestrian railings, seven bike lane fences, five benches, four bridge railings, three bollards, and two street tree protective covers—all designed for safety and convenience. This time, the ratio of successful applicants was 46.4 percent, marking the third consecutive year (from the 20th contest in 2018) that witnessed over a 40 percent success ratio. The judges remarked that the support of the Seoul City and the efforts made by public facility manufacturers to produce excellent products are gradually bearing fruit.

    The certified items will be given promotion support by Seoul and the right to use the certification mark over the next two years. They will be recommended for installation in Seoul’s urban landscape improvement projects and advertised through a manual booklet to Seoul, its 25 districts, Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation, and other related institutions.

    Seoul aims to become a pedestrian-centered safe city. Over the last 11 years, up until the 22nd Seoul Good Public Design, a total of 1,146 items have been certified as Seoul Good Public Design. From the second half of 2019, a total of 168 items of which the certification period is valid will be actively utilized in Seoul’s public projects.

    Seoul City is also providing the small businesses whose items were not selected as the Seoul Good Public Design items with the opportunity to participate in the program called Seoul Design Clinic, through which they can receive customized design development guidance by experts. For more information on the Seoul Good Public Design, visit the official website (http://sgpd.seoul.go.kr).

    Items Selected to be Part of the 22nd Seoul Good Public Design

    GOOD PUBLIC DESIGN 우수공공디자인 서울우수공공디자인 인증제 sqpd.seoul.go.kr

    The SGPD Certification Mark