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  • ‘Seoul Global Startup Center’ Recruits Applicants for New Residents to Create Jobs for 311 Foreigners

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    Seoul is set to recruit 40 new teams as resident members of Seoul Global Startup Center by March 27 (Wed). Foreigners residing in Korea regardless of nationality with aspirations for entrepreneurship and business ideas can apply.

    Seoul Global Startup Center, which first opened in 2016 to support domestic business startups by local resident foreigners, immigrants, and international students, is also a small global village with currently 40 resident teams from 33 countries.

    The center fostered 117 foreigner startups, and among these, 41 preliminary startup teams succeeded and attracted investments totaling KRW 3.4 billion. In the past three years, the center saw an employment effect of 311 individuals from 70 resident teams to become the center of successful entrepreneurship for foreigners.

    Selected resident members will be given a one-year membership for residence, and members can utilize the startup space for up to three years through a screening for extension. Not only will members receive a maximum of KRW 20 million for startup support funds and customized mentoring, but they will also receive customized support to attract investments and pioneer the markets.

    Starting this year, the center will open and operate the ‘Business Korean Education Curriculum (approximately 30 sessions)’ and introduce online crowdfunding to attract investment and pioneer the way for overseas markets.

    The required documents for application can be found on the Seoul Global Startup Center website (http://seoulgsc.com), and applicants can submit their applications online.
    A briefing session on recruitment of resident membership will be given at Seoul Global Startup Center’s Co-Working Hall (3F) on March 14 (Thu) at 2 p.m.

    2019 Seoul Global Startup Center Resident Membership Application

    • Recruitment: Approximately 40 teams
    • Resident Application and Judging Schedule
      • ○ Application period: Feb. 28, 2019 (Thu) – Mar. 27, 2019 (Wed), by 18:00
      • ○ How to apply: Online submission via website (http://seoulgsc.com)
      • ○ Evaluation schedule
        • – First document evaluation: Apr. 1, 2019 (Mon) – Apr. 8, 2019 (Mon)
        • – Second presentation evaluation: Apr. 22, 2019 (Mon) – Apr. 26, 2019 (Fri)
      • ※ Final announcement: Scheduled to be on Apr. 29, 2019 (Mon) – to be announced via the website and individual notification
    • Applicants
      • ○ Pre-BI: At least one member of a future startup team is a resident foreigner with decision making rights
      • ○ BI: Business started less than three years ago with team (co-) representative that is a resident foreigner
      • ○ Post-BI: Business started three to seven years ago with team (co-) representative that is a resident foreigner
    • Evaluation Process: Document evaluation and presentation evaluation
    • Evaluation Items: Business feasibility, capacity for growth after residency, competency of participating team, etc.
    • Benefits of Residency: Office space, seed funding, training, mentoring, consulting, etc.
    • Residency Period: May 2019 – Apr. 2020 (12 months)
    • Inquiries
      • ○ Email: apply@seoulgsc.com
      • ○ Phone: 82-2-718-1170 (during working hours on weekdays) / Seoul Global Startup Center Manager Hwang Jeong-seon

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