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  • On-site Inspection Conducted for Teams that Came through Competition of 10:1 in Seoul Global Challenge 2019-2020

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    Seoul Global Challenge

    The final competition began towards finding the best technology to reduce particulate matter in the subway. The competition will involve ten Korean and foreign companies (four foreign, six Korean)–global companies with 170 years of history headquartered in the United States and Korean startups–that came through competition of 10:1.

    Seoul will be conducting on-site inspections as part of the first stage for the finals of the Seoul Global Challenge 2019-2020, the competitive R&D that was initiated by Seoul (the first as a local government) to find solutions for the reduction of particulate matters in the subway in Seoul.

    Seoul’s initiative has inspired not only Korea, but also foreign companies, labs, and consortiums from the United States, France, Japan, and more. For two months (Sept. 9-Nov. 22, 2019), a total of 106 products and solutions from 8 countries were submitted through the permanent online platform for the application of innovative technologies.

    The city has selected 10 teams to receive on-site inspections through the evaluation of proposals and interviews by the evaluation committee made up of experts in related fields. For the month of January, parts of the subway in Seoul will become testbeds in which the selected companies will attempt to prove their technologies. They will install and operate their products or solutions inside of the tunnels, platforms, and trains for the evaluation of effect of reducing particulate matter. Along with the on-site inspections, there will be an evaluation by the citizen evaluation team composed of citizens who have completed education on particulate matter in the subway.

    ① Tunnel (4 teams)

    # Participant Testbed Category of Technology Name of Technology
    1 Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan)
    -E&M Co., Ltd.
    Sangsu Station
    (ventilation opening)
    Electric precipitator Integrated package solution for particulate matter reduction device in subway tunnels
    2 Samwoo System Co., Ltd. Noksapyeong Station
    Filter Air cleaner for underground subway tunnel with self-renewable filters of a MERV 13 filtration grade
    3 Clean Earth Tech Co., Ltd. Itaewon Station
    Suppressant Technology for the removal of dust and suppression of the generation of ash and dust scattering in subway tunnels using an eco-friendly suppressant
    4 Ritco Co., Ltd. Hyochang Park Station
    (ventilation opening)
    Electric precipitator Two-way electric precipitator for ventilation openings of urban subways

    ② Platform (4 teams)

    No. Participant Testbed Category of Technology Name of Technology
    1 Corning (US)
    – SNS
    Sangsu Station Dry filter Corning Air Purification
    System (CAPS) for platform
    2 STARKLAB (France) Hangangjin Station Wet-type air cleaning TERRAOSAVE-M
    3 PM Lab Co., Ltd. Mangwon Station Electric dielectrophoresis Dielectrophoresis dust collecting system for the reduction of particulate matter on subway platforms
    4 ALLSWELL Co., Ltd. Itaewon Station
    (ventilation duct)
    Reduction of pressure drop Solution for the discharge and reduction of particulate matter on the platforms through airflow control

    ③ Train (2 teams)

    No. Participant Testbed Category of Technology Name of Technology
    1 WeavAir (Canada) Train of Subway Line 2 Dry-type air cleaning WeavAir Solution
    2 Han Lyun System Co., Ltd. Train of Subway Line 2 Dry-type air cleaning & air curtain Installation of an air-quality improvement device for the train and air curtain for the train door