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  • Seoul Global Center Teaches Mothers’ Native Languages to Children from Multicultural Families

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    The Seoul Global Center’s Damunhwa Hakdang (Multicultural Education Program), which teaches Korean to the mothers of multicultural families, and the mothers’ native languages to their children, produced 72 graduates on July 23.

    Commencement of the Multicultural Education Program (2010), Commencement of the Multicultural Education Program (2010)

    Under the program the Seoul Global Center has been providing “multi-language education” for both parents and children, including programs on parental education, arts and physical education, multicultural understanding and traditional cultures.

    Students in Class, Cultural Experience

    Additionally, the school has taught fine art drawing and jazz dance to preschoolers according to the children’s level of development, and martial arts and science to school children.

    The program, which consisted of classes for twelve people (six parents and six students) in six language groups (Mongolian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, central Asian and Russian), was conducted at the Seoul Global Center in Taepyeong-ro on Saturdays for twelve weeks from April.

    A Seoul Metropolitan Government official said, “The goals of the Multicultural Education Program are to ease the burden of education for parents of multicultural families and to help them settle smoothly into life in Seoul by providing education in diverse fields.”

    * Seoul Global Center Website: http://global.seoul.go.kr/