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  • Seoul Global Center site update offers new attractions

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    The main page of the Seoul Global Center web site, A foreign resident checks out the features of the improved Seoul Global Center home page.

    The Seoul Global Center home page re-opened on Feb. 1 with a fresh new look and a new array of services.

    A new feature of the site specifically tailored for the foreign community (http://global.seoul.go.kr) is the Q&A service which allows users to receive answers to their questions right away from a consultant at the Seoul Global Center.

    The site also offers to automatically connect users to a site that accommodates their linguistic needs. The Seoul Global Center home page currently provides information in five languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French and Korean.

    This site promptly and conveniently provides information on the following main activities and programs managed by the center: volunteering, the business start-up college, the community of participants, and publicity brochures and related materials.

    Foreigners can also access Seoul Global Center services on their smart phones, which allow users to seek all kinds of information about Seoul 24 hours a day and users can also raise any issues or inconveniences to the center.

    The Seoul Global Center said the latest site update reflects the needs of the foreign community, because foreigners also contribute to fostering a happy city. The improved site has also been designed to make it easier for foreigners to participate in local government affairs, thus encouraging wider communication between the city and the foreign community.