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  • Seoul Global Center Offers an Orientation Programs to Support New Foreign Students Living in Seoul

  • Integrated News SMG 2591

    In partnership with 18 universities in the city, the Seoul Global Center will provide a “Mobile Orientation” program for new foreign students who will enter universities in September.

    The orientation program will give foreign students basic living information, including the following: housing, medical services, public transportation, driver’s licenses, mobile phone services, banking, matters that they need to know about the most for their living in Seoul, and useful information like the location of libraries and large bookstores.

    The program will also introduce major cultural hotspots and tourist attractions in Seoul, providing comprehensive information on things to see and enjoy during their time here.

    The orientation program will visit the universities to offer customized information by categorizing foreign students into undergraduates, graduates, and exchange students. When students need additional information, the Seoul Global Center in the Korea Press Center in Taepyeong-ro will give one-on-one counseling.

    Alan Timblick, head of the Seoul Global Center, will visit Yonsei University at 3 pm on August 24, and will offer orientation to more than 600 exchange students from foreign countries. He will provide answers to foreign students who have questions about various matters concerning their living in Seoul.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting diverse programs for foreign students, including a foreign student forum (June to September every year) and a global internship (every summer and winter vacation). The city’s government will preferably recruit students who participate in the orientation program as participants of such programs.

    Foreign students who wish to participate in the foreign student forum and global internship can gain more information by visiting the Seoul Global Center’s website (http://global.seoul.go.kr) or by dialing (+82-2-2075- 4113).