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  • Seoul Global Center Building Opened

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    Seoul Global Center Building, the largest single comprehensive service center for foreigners in the country, was opened in June 2013 in Jongno-gu.

    Standing on an 11,752㎡ site, the 15-story building (with 4 basement floors) houses the Immigration Office (2nd and 3rd floors), the Seoul Global Center (4th ~ 6th floors), international conference center (9th floor), CITYNET (10th floor), Seoul International Arbitration Center (11th floor), and Economic and Commercial Department of the Spanish Embassy (14th floor) as well as a bank dedicated to global financing (15th floor).

    Seoul Metropolitan Government set up a plan for the construction of the building in 2008, commenced the work in June 2010, and completed construction by January 2013. A total of 33 billion won was invested, including the purchase of the site, using the municipal budget of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government used the linkage between downtown (Jongno) and nature (Cheonggyecheon (Stream)) and coexistence of diverse cultures as design concept for the building, which acquired first-rate environment-friendly certification for its use of photovoltaic energy and rainwater recycling system.

    The Seoul Global Center serves as headquarters for 42 foreigner support centers in the city. Thus, the building is expected to emerge as a landmark symbolizing a global city.

    At present, Seoul Metropolitan Government operates 42 foreigner support centers such as Global Village Center, Migrant Workers’ Center, Multicultural Family Support Center, Global Culture and Tourism Center, and Global Business Center.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to maximize the economic ripple effects of the building by attracting international organizations that will bring about great effects associated with FDI, inflow of high-income foreign consumers, and creation of good-quality jobs while cementing its status as the hub of international exchanges.

    [Seoul Global Center Building]

    • Purpose: Provision of one-stop service for foreigners, including counseling for foreigners’ everyday lives in Seoul, and provision of service for international organizations’ activities such as international conferences and exchanges
    • Location: 38 Jongno, Jongno-gu (63 Seorin-dong, near Jonggak Station)
    • Land area: 1,070㎡/Total floor area: 11,752㎡
    • No. of floors: 15 (with 4 basement floors)
    • Work completed in: January 2013