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  • Seoul Global Brand Forum discusses how Seoul can lead in post-COVID-19 era

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    [Anchor] Now, the city of Seoul held its Seoul Global Brand Forum. Throughout this, distinguished scholars and experts from overseas gathered to offer their insights as to how the city of Seoul can lead the world in the post-pandemic era. Kim Yeon-seung has the full report.

    [Reporter] Seoul city on Wednesday held its 5th ‘Seoul Global Brand Forum,‘ under the name ‘the future of city leadership.’ During the event, which was held online amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Seoul Metropolitan Government unveiled how the city can take the lead in shaping the world in the post-COVID-19 era, as well as improve its brand and identity, something which experts say is important.

    (Simon Anholt)
    “Decades of research prove that places with powerful and positive images trade at a premium. It’s simply much easier and much cheaper for them to attract foreign investment, business and leisure visitors, talent, major events, and positive media attention.”

    Anholt, one of three overseas experts speaking at the forum, explains how, based on his research for the ‘Good Country Index,’ contributing to the common good deeply affects a city’s public image.

    (Simon Anholt)
    “If Seoul wants to do well, it must do good. Not do good only to its own citizens, but to people all around the world.”

    Along with Anholt, Guy Sorman, philosopher and economist and Jacques Attali, a social theorist and futurist also attended Wednesday’s first session. After offering their insights into how Seoul can be a city which leads, one of South Korea’s hottest bands, LEENALCHI performed their hit song, “The Tiger is Coming.” South Korean experts also took to the stage to discuss the steps Seoul city should take in the future.

    Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News