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  • Seoul Garden Show 2017 at Yeouido Park

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    Seoul Garden Show 2017 at Yeouido Park

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host the Seoul Garden Show 2017 at Yeouido Park between September 22 (Fri) and 26 (Tue), 2017. This year, 80 gardens will be on display under the theme of ‘Garden of You, Me, and Us,’ and a spirit of unification and harmony. Various unique and fresh programs are scheduled for family groups, lovers, students, and gardening experts.

    < Recommended for Families >

    We recommend the Family Plant-making program for families that love flowers and plants.
    The flowerpot making event held at Culture Square provides participants with a chance to make a family pot using flowerpots and young plants. Six outstanding works will receive a citation by the Seoul Mayor along with a prize. Apply for the program on the website (150 teams) or on-site (50 teams).

    Families an also participate in the Fall Tree-making event during the Seoul Garden Show. This is another experience-based event in which citizens learn how to make props and make their own prop to display.

    < Recommended for Lovers >

    For a more romantic experience, try the Autumn Night Garden Concert. Children’s Choir, Adult Choir and famous singers are invited to perform at the central stage of Cultural Event Plaza of Yeouido Park to fill up Yeouido with beautiful music.

    Visitors can also watch Park, a Japanese movie created in celebration of the 100 anniversary of Inokashira Park in Tokyo, and Flower Show, an Irish movie about a florist, for free at the center stage.

    < Recommended for Students and Gardening Experts >

    For gardening and landscaping experts as well as students, the event also offers Garden Center and Garden Conference. The Garden Center will be held at Cultural Event Plaza. Various gardening-related information will be exchanged at the Garden Culture Conference and various questions on gardening will be answered at the Gardening Information Center. The program will also offer an exhibition of works featuring photos of famous gardens by domestic and overseas artists.

    Inquiries: Seoul Garden Show: http://festival.seoul.go.kr/garden

    Seoul Garden Show 2016 Family Plant-making
    Seoul Garden Show 2016 Family Plant-making
    Cultural Event Garden on Display
    Cultural Event Garden on Display