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  • Seoul Garden Show

    00:00:00 Hi everyone!
    00:00:03 My name is Mariel.
    00:00:04 and today we came to the garden festival here in Seoullo.
    00:00:20 Seoul Garden Show is an annual festival to promote gardening culture in citizens’ everyday life.
    00:00:32 While previous garden shows took place in a large park, 2019 edition was held in Haebangchon, a downtown residential area, in line with the theme of “Garden, Seeds for Urban Regeneration.”
    00:00:50 Wow, pop-up garden.
    00:00:54 I think I can sit here.
    00:00:58 They have places made like where you can take your photos.
    00:01:04 And it’s like you’re in the garden.
    00:01:09 So yeah, we came up now.
    00:01:12 And here, it leads us to next destination, that is Seoullo.
    00:01:17 So we will go and take a walk here.
    00:01:29 So we came up stairs
    00:01:31 and you can see the Seoul station here from here
    00:01:35 The big Seoul station and the bus transfer station.
    00:01:51 so we came upstairs
    00:01:53 and now we’re at the Baekbeom square.
    00:01:57 and they also have the garden show here also,
    00:02:01 so it’s like connected with the other one there.
    00:02:03 ‘A garden with small but clear happiness on the way home’
    00:02:08 So they have “Every garden has their own theme” topic.
    00:02:16 I really liked today
    00:02:19 as I myself really like nature
    00:02:22 and the garden like a..
    00:02:25 It was really nice to come here after really stressful school.
    00:02:29 We can just have a nice walk in the park surrounded by many flowers and plants.
    00:02:36 So I really.. I really liked it.
    00:02:41 The Seoul Garden Show ultimately aims to revitalize the city by creating small gardens throughout neighborhoods, including bus stops and markets.
    A total of 500 people, including professional garden designers and university students whose major is related to landscaping,
    participated in creating a 3.5km-long garden road (Haebangchon~Baekbeom Plaza~Seoullo7017~Malli-dong Plaza) and and prepared various programs including exhibitions and workshops.