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  • Seoul G20 Summit volunteers in full throttle

  • Integrated News SMG 2048

    Seoul City said it had officially celebrated the launch of its fleet of G20 Summit volunteers on Oct. 31.

    The body of volunteers gathered for a successful G20 Summit will take on various duties from Nov. 8 to 13. The total of 5,817 selected members had undergone a strict evaluation process that included assessment of one’s linguistic abilities and a rigid training process. These selected volunteers will provide assistance with accommodation needs, transportation, cultural and tour programs, publicity, and the B-Summit.

    The volunteers are expected to operate like a “smooth” network to ensure foreign visitors have a pleasant experience of Seoul by providing quick and accurate information concerning travel needs. These could be directions, accommodation information, transportation means, and the hot tour spots.

    Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon expressed his best for the G20 volunteers and urged for their utmost cooperation to ensure a successful summit. The mayor also highlighted Seoul’s designation as a “creative city” by UNESCO and held up a banner expressing the pride of Seoul citizens that is encompassed by their friendliness and giving heart.

    Following the G20 volunteers’ official launching ceremony, the city government held a pilot test of the volunteer group around the City Hall at hotels, subway stations and Deoksu Palace, with foreign actors set in place.

    The volunteer members will be attired in a uniform designed by Seoul City and will be on duty in teams of two or three. Each of them will also be carrying an identification card and a Seoul G20 Summit symbol badge will be visible on their chests. The back of the uniform will feature the UNESCO Creative Design logo.