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  • Seoul Friendship Fair 2011 Ends as Beautiful Festival of Sharing

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    The twenty-two foreign embassies which took part in the Seoul Friendship Fair 2011 raised proceeds from the events and donated 1,600 books for children from multicultural families. The festival took place around Seoul Plaza and Mugyo-dong from May 7 to 8.

    World Foot Court (Greece), World Food Court (Chile)

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held a “book donation ceremony” with the foreign embassies at the Multicultural Family Support Center in Yongsan-gu at 10 am on July 13.

    The 22 foreign embassies, including those of Greece, Chile, Algeria, and Russia, decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the World Food Court and the Traditional Folk Art Exhibition to the national multicultural family support agency, which is entrusted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Accordingly, they donated 68 books each to 23 Multicultural Family Support Centers in Seoul, which are managed by the agency.

    The amount of the donation was not very large because foods were sold at affordable prices during the event. Nevertheless, a combined total of more than 7 million won was donated by the 22 embassies.

    The Seoul Friendship Fair, which marked its 16th event this year, took place under the theme of “Meeting and Sharing of the World and Unity.” The festival comprised diverse traditional performances by troupes from nine overseas cities twinned with Seoul, and participation by 58 embassies in the World Food Court, Traditional Folk Art Exhibition and other auxiliary events, drawing keen attention from citizens and foreign residents.