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  • Seoul Forest celebrates 15th anniversary with online tour

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    [Anchor] Seoul Forest celebrated its 15th anniversary this week by putting on a virtual online tour showing off some of its hidden spots. The tour also instructs people how they can spend quality time in the forest while ensuring they don’t further spread COVID-19. Jang Tae-hyun reports.

    [Reporter] Picturesque canopies of trees and with a calm lake — this is where people can breathe in fresh air in the middle of the city. Once a horse racing track, Seoul Forest is now a park the same size as 70 football fields and attracts around seven million visitors per year. To mark 15 years since it first opened to the public, Seoul Forest put together an online tour to show off some of its hidden spots. The tour made viewers feel like they were actually walking around the park and showed them that they can even see deer if they come and visit in person.

    “In this state of disaster, socially vulnerable groups are another concern. They also need green spaces like parks for them to enjoy.”

    Students, work friends and families come to the park to hang out. And, many foreigners also visit to enjoy nature and see other places nearby. Visitors to Seoul Forest must follow basic virus prevention guidelines like wearing a face mask and keeping their distance from others. The facilities are disinfected and areas which draw large groups of people have been closed temporarily. Rather than being cooped up at home, many people are getting out and visiting local beauty spots to relieve stress.

    Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News