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  • Seoul Folk Flea Market to Run the “Traditional Arts & Crafts Studio” for Free

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    The “Traditional Arts & Crafts Studio” at Seoul Folk Flea Market will operate experience programs that allow visitors to experience the traditional culture of Korea for free of charge all year round.

    Bamboo tree water gun, Hanji artwork

    The facility is gaining popularity as a new hotspot in the Seoul Folk Flea Market, where anyone from Korea and abroad can have the chance to create traditional artifacts in person, and experience the characteristics and traditions that are unique to Korea.

    Exterior of the studio, Photos of participants engaged in an experience program

    In the wake of summer vacation for a limited time through August the studio will offer special events, including bamboo water gun making, hanji (traditional Korean paper) artwork, pounding to make rice cakes, and juryeonggu (14-sided dice) making experiences, which will be highly popular among children.

    On top of existing experience events, the studio will also offer new experience programs under various themes by the month, which will likely be highly sought after among visitors.

    The monthly experience programs, which will continue through December, include bamboo record making in August, hanji parasol making in September, kite making in October, pungdeung (wind lantern) decoration in November, and top making in December.

    How to participate in the program:

    – Individuals: Individuals can visit the traditional culture experience studio for other regions; sign up and participate on the same day
    – Group: advance phone reservation (two weeks in advance)
    – Inquires on registration: T. 82+2-2132-4037 / Email: jyjeong@seoulwelcome.com

    Please refer to the blog to learn about Saturday programs, and special programs, including pottery making.