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  • Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters Supports Safe COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Press Releases SMG 243
    • Seoul and related organizations completed a joint safety inspection of the COVID-19 Vaccination Center on February 22
    • A team of qualified paramedics and an ambulance will assist with COVID-19 vaccination at the National Medical Center from February 23
    • For fire prevention, Seoul plans to offer safety consulting, introduce fire engine patrols, and provide field adaptation training

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 25, 2021 – On February 23, the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters dispatched 119 Rapid Response Team at the National Medical Center (NMC) to support the COVID-19 vaccine inoculation program.

    According to the Headquarters, a team of five paramedics and an ambulance were sent to NMC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Center (the “Center”). The team’s qualified paramedics, such as nurses, will be in charge of vaccinating people and writing the operation guidelines for the Center as well as transporting emergency patients. They will also perform incident response duties such as rapid fire suppression and evacuation, contributing to the Center’s fire safety.

    Apart from dispatching the team for the vaccination, the Headquarters will introduce fire safety measures for the Center.

    The Headquarters will also offer regular safety consulting for fire prevention and introduce fire engine patrols for proactive safety management. To deal with possible accidents, an emergency network will be established between the Seoul Emergency Operations Center, fire stations, and the Center, and field adaptation training will be carried out. The Headquarters is also planning to send healthcare workers to Seongdong District’s vaccination center, which is to be installed in March.

    “The Headquarters will make its full-fledged efforts to support the vaccination program, which will play a pivotal role in overcoming the pandemic,” said Choi Tae-young, Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters. “By doing so, we will thoroughly implement the fire prevention and response system at the Vaccination Center.”