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  • Seoul fighting cabbie rip-off at Gimpo Int’l Airport

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    In order to protect international tourists visiting Seoul during July, the busiest month for vacationing tourists here in Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has joined hands with Korea Airports Corporation to fight an array of illegal business committed by taxis and call vans, or large taxis seating up to 6 passengers, at Gimpo Int’l Airport on arriving foreign tourists. The crackdown will use both on-site and CCTV investigations throughout the month.

    Common illegalities by cab drivers include selecting only foreign tourists at airport taxi stands, illegal touting on curbs, not using taxi meters, taxi fare rip-off and illicit use of ordinary vans as call vans.

    Geographically, the crackdown will focus on taxi stands both in domestic and international terminals by day and on curbs along the terminals by night in search of prey.

    The Government will also make the best use of CCTV data available both inside and outside the airport terminals. When suspicious acts are detected, further investigation will be acted upon by the city and law enforcement officials in taxi companies or even homes of taxi drivers.

    Seoul plans to expand the crackdown on taxis and call vans engaged in illegal activities to the entire city to protect the interests of foreign visitors as well as its citizens.

    City Hall is openly receiving grievances about taxi and call van service by dialing English service at 120 Dasan Call Center (Foreigner : #9) or e-mail (happyride@seoul.go.kr). Seoul Metropolitan Government actually remitted overcharged taxi fares to international visitors to Seoul after it caught taxis and vans ripping them off by either not using meters or manipulating the devices according to their reports.