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  • Seoul and FC Seoul Host Expats’ Day Event

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    On October 5, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and FC Seoul will host the “FC Seoul Expats’ Day” event from 11am to 4pm at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

    At this fifth FC Seoul Expats’ Day event, the audience will be able to enjoy not only a soccer match between FC Seoul, a professional soccer team based in Seoul, and Suwon but also a number of various side events, including a global concert. The activities will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and the plaza located just north of the stadium.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government planned the Expats’ Day event to provide an opportunity for foreign residents in Seoul to communicate with Korean residents and enjoy watching a soccer game at a reasonable cost, as most of them have had few chances to watch soccer games due to the high price of tickets and their busy schedules. This year, a total of 1,000 multicultural families have been invited to watch the game and have fun.

    Also, side events catering to foreign residents will be held at the plaza just north of the stadium, including a global concert (samba, Taekwondo, traditional Ukrainian dance performance), global food festival (Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, etc.), and an information booth for foreign residents.

    ♣ Admission Inquiries

    • – English ☎ 070-7560-7980)
    • – Chinese ☎ 070-8267-7900)

    ♣ Ticket Prices

    • – Advanced purchase : KRW 10,000
    • – At the door : KRW 12,000 (KRW 14,000 for Koreans)