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  • Seoul Facilities Corporation Introduces “Seoul Accessible Buses” to Improve Mobility for Passengers in Wheelchairs

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    The Seoul Facilities Corporation (www.sisul.or.kr) introduced two Seoul Accessible Buses, which are equipped with equipment to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs, and can be reserved starting June 1.

    Currently, there are a total of 19 buses that can be used by passengers in wheelchairs. Among such buses, five are operated by autonomous districts, four by private companies, and ten express buses introduced in four lines by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The Seoul Facilities Corporation decided to introduce these new accessible buses to improve the mobility of people with disabilities after hearing the opinions from the Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination

    These two new Seoul Accessible Buses contribute towards the expansion of the rights of persons with reduced mobility. The general bus can accommodate up to 8 wheelchairs (21 regular seats) and the premium bus can accommodate up to 5 wheelchairs (18 regular seats). The buses are equipped with wheelchair-accessible doors, motorized lift, seats and wheelchair securement devices. Specifically, the buses have a door for an emergency so as to ensure the safety of passengers and enable them to escape in an emergency situation.

    The beneficiaries of the Seoul Accessible Bus service are persons with reduced mobility who are registered on the list of the Seoul Call Taxi for the handicapped with severe mobility impairment (level 1-3).

    The Seoul Accessible Buses will begin operation on June 6. Reservations are available starting June 1 on the Reservation for Public Service website (http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr) and confirmed after additional processes, such as verification of the passenger’s identity. Reservations are recommended to be made before midnight five days from the departure date.

    The Seoul Accessible Buses can be used if more than 10 passengers (at least one of whom is a passenger in wheelchair). The Seoul Accessible Bus can be chartered for up to two days and one night. Currently, however, the service has limited operation due to the COVID-19 situation, with travel restrictions taken into consideration. During the “distancing in daily life” period, passengers will be checked of their body temperature and kept at a distance from each other. The buses will be under thorough disinfection.

    The fare is KRW 200,000 per 200 km, with KRW 20,000 per extra 50 km. If you are planning to go on a trip to Busan, the total charge will be approximately KRW 440,000 (the distance between Seoul and Busan being about 766 km). Tollgate, parking, traveler’s insurance, and lodging charges for the driver are not included in the service and the driver will be dispatched without any additional financial support from the Seoul Facilities Corporation.