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  • Seoul Facilities Corporation Improves Working Environment via Video Conferencing

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1831

    The Seoul Facilities Corporation (SFC) is actively taking action to improve its working environment in the preparation of the post-coronavirus age. Its workers have held over 1,000 video conferences, which was introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Starting March 23, the SFC has held in-house meetings and training in the form of a video conferences in line with the “social distancing” campaign and to improve work efficiency. The SFC has held over 1,000 video conferences within the first 60 days of its implementation, which is about 28 video conferences per day on average (excluding weekends and public holidays).

    The video conferences, categorized in the order of most frequent, comprise in-house meetings and reports of pending issues (706 sessions), outside meetings (253 sessions), and in-house training (41 sessions).

    The SFC has held most of its meetings and reports online, from regular meetings of executive members to construction site meetings, as well as its “Open Innovation” meetings, where they derive innovative ideas. Recently, they are holding webinars (“web” + “seminar”), enabling officials from the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and outside experts to participate in the Open Innovation video meetings.

    In particular, it is estimated that the SFC has achieved the cost-saving effect (about KRW 30 million) by cutting down on travel expenses and printing costs through the full-scale introduction of video conferencing over the past two months. The SFC has plans to utilize the savings for the vitalization of the local economy and other public purposes.