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  • Seoul Exports Downtown Market Analysis Service to Buenos Aires

  • International Relations News SMG 6006

    “A delegation of Big Data experts from the Ministry of Modernization of Buenos Aires visited Seoul to find a solution to revitalize small businesses in Buenos Aires. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will share their excellent policies using Big Data and conduct policy consulting for Big Data experts who visited Seoul from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires for two weeks from January 9th to 20th.

    The Data & Statistics Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Government operates ‘Downtown Market Analysis Service’ based on the analysis of 200 billion pieces of Big Data provided by the private sector. Seoul designated a total of 1,008 small-sized commercial areas, such as back streets that don’t have large-scale distribution facilities, as “Seoul-type Alley Commercial Areas.” In addition, it analyzes more than 200 billion pieces of Big Data from 43 businesses that are closely related to daily lives, such as Chinese restaurants and convenience stores.

    The City of Buenos Aires benchmarked the ‘Downtown Market Analysis Service’ and seek cooperation with Seoul through technical consulting and capacity building for the development of this service and aims to introduce the project within the year. The commerce analysis system consulting will be led by the Seoul Metropolitan Government Policy Export Organization along with ‘Open Mate’, a company that developed the system, and the consulting education will be held at Big Data Campus, which was established last July by Seoul.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government Policy Export Organization will introduce major IT-based city policies such as the Seoul Transport Operation & Information Service (TOPIS) and Bukchon IoT Demonstration Village to the delegation from Buenos Aires. Also, capacity enhancement programs related to Big Data such as interviews with private companies in the areas of Big Data and Smart City.

    Big Data Analysis Service, which is operated by The Data & Statistics Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, provides practical assistance to citizens in all areas of the city administration such as the transportation and medical fields in addition to the commercial analysis system. Seoul will expand policy exports through big data analysis to overseas cities.

    Lee Hoeseung, the officer of the International Cooperation Bureau of Seoul, said “Seoul has exported its excellent policies to 35 cities in 24 countries by 2016 and will export excellent policies to Argentina on the opposite side of the globe. As Big Data is a globally recognized field and the potential for domestic companies to advance is big, we plan to expand policy exports through big data analysis through this opportunity.”

    In addition, Seoul conducted a consultation on automated Metro ticket sales system and urban transportation infrastructure financing to Cairo and Colombia on November 14th, 2016, and a consultation on the modernization of railway system to Myanmar on November 30th, 2016.