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  • Seoul Explores 150 Themed Walking Trails over Four Years, Published as Four-Volume Book

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    Beginning with the first publication in 2016, the fourth and final volume of ‘Seoul, Themed Walking Trails’ that introduced the beautiful and varied walking trails in different corners of the city during the course of four years has been published, to complete the series of the adored books.

    The four published ‘Seoul, Themed Walking Trails (I-IV)’ books are divided into ▴Walking Trails through Forests (75 trails), ▴Walking Trails with Beautiful Views (23 trails), ▴Walking Trails with History and Culture (24 trails), ▴Walking Trails through Valleys (5 trails), and ▴Walking Trails through Hangang River and Rivers (23 trails) for a total of 150 trails.

    The ‘Seoul, Themed Walking Trails (complete volume)’ is packed with course introductions, public transportation and directions, maps and photos, nearby attractions, and stories that can only be experienced on the trails. The entire volume is published in a handbook size for portability.

    ‘Seoul, Themed Walking Trails (IV)’ will include a themed map of KakaoMap in the first half of 2019 to introduce all content in a mobile form. The books will be available for 3,000 KRW at the Seoul Bookstore in B1F of Seoul City Hall starting January 26. The books can also be downloaded for free at the Seoul Metropolitan Government e-book-exclusive website (http://ebook.seoul.go.kr).

    Seoul, Themed Walking Trails (Ⅳ)

    Seoul, Themed Walking Trails (Ⅳ)
    1. Poi Walking Trail 2. Palgakjeong Pavilion Trail
    Poi Walking Trail Palgakjeong Pavilion Trail
    3. Danghyeoncheon Stream 4. Cheong Wa Dae Front Trail
    Danghyeoncheon Stream Cheong Wa Dae Front Trail
    5. Ecological Park Dulle-gil 6. Jingyeong Sansuhwa Trail
    Ecological Park Dulle-gil Jingyeong Sansuhwa Trail