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  • Seoul Expands Support for Car Owners Who Scrap Grade 5 Emission Vehicles and Buy New Ones

  • Transport News SMG 2131

    In order to encourage individuals who are living in green traffic zones to scrap their gas emission grade 5 vehicles or vehicles that are not equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), Seoul will be provisionally offering support of up to KRW 2.5 million as an additional subsidy should these individuals decide to buy a new vehicle, on top of the subsidy offered for scrapping.

    Currently, the city is providing up to KRW 3 million for the installation of a DPF in grade 5 emission vehicles or for the early scrapping of these vehicles that are below 3.5 tons.

    In addition to this scrapping subsidy, Seoul will offer an additional subsidy for buying low-pollution vehicles or LPG vehicles in order to convince the owners of grade 5 vehicles to replace their vehicles with alternative ones.