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  • Seoul Expands Global Cultural Education from Grade, Middle, and High Schools to Kindergartens

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    Seoul Metropolitan City plans to significantly expand its Global Cultural Education Program to encourage the participation of more children and teenagers this year.

    Class on Mongolian culture at Daerim Middle School (November 2011), Class on Nepalese culture at Yunjung Middle School (October 2011)

    The ‘Bringing Faraway and Neighboring Countries to the Classroom’ program is being implemented to help young people better understand foreign cultures and develop a global mindset. It includes visits by foreigners to schools in Seoul so they can introduce their own culture to the students.

    Class on Ghanaian culture at Eulji Elementary School (July 2011), Class on Japanese culture at Muhag Elementary School (July 2011)

    The program will be fully implemented starting from the back-to-school season in March. This time, however, the Seoul Metropolitan Office plans to expand the program to include kindergartens as well as grade, middle, and high schools, and to increase the number of classes from 40 per month to more than 100 so that more students have the opportunity to experience many different cultures around the world.

    It also plans to increase the number of foreign instructors 2.5 times compared with last year from 16 to 40 and the number of countries introduced through the program from 16 to 20.

    To that end, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting 26 more foreign instructors to take charge of the program, from January 16 to 31.

    Any foreigners or naturalized citizens who can teach the class in Korean or English are eligible to apply. Applicants should send their application form, résumé, and teaching plan along with the other necessary documents by fax, email, or post by January 31.

    For further information, please visit the Seoul Metropolitan City website (http://seoul.go.kr) or the Seoul Global Center website (http://global.seoul.go.kr).