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  • Seoul exhibit enjoys high popularity in World Expo Shanghai

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    The Shanghai expo has received 70 million visitors in the first 6 days and the Seoul pavilion is proving extremely popular. A total of 280,071 visitors have seen the Seoul exhibit as of May 26. In particular, 21,156 guests visited the pavilion on May 19 alone, recording the most number of visitors since the opening of the world exposition.

    “In a joint meeting of UBPA (the Urban Best Practices Area) held on May 13, the Seoul Pavilion was named as the best role model of a city exhibition,” Kim Young-hee, a staff at the Seoul Pavilion, said.

    “The most popular exhibit in the Pushi region is the Seoul Pavilion,” Kim added. “If more services such as cell phone patch, city brochures and spring water are provided considering the hot Shanghai weather, more people will visit the exhibit.”

    Visitors to the Seoul exhibit enjoyed a variety of Seoul’s displays including digital oil painting and chroma key, showing much interest in the Korea’s capital city.