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  • Seoul to Establish Basic Plan for the Development of Hangeul, Making Seoul the “City of Hangeul”

  • SMG 3565


    In celebration of the 569th anniversary of Hangeul, Seoul Metropolitan Government will establish and implement the Basic Plan for the Development of Hangeul, which will serve as the foundation of Seoul’s Hangeul-related policy over the next five years (2015-2019). The city has vowed to take all necessary measures to ensure the successful execution of the plan, aiming to improve communication with the public and develop Hangeul culture.

    The Basic Plan for the Development of Hangeul aims to achieve three main goals: ▲ the revitalization of the government’s communication with Seoul citizens through the improvement of the public language, ▲ the improvement of the environment in which Hangeul is used, and ▲ the development and preservation of Hangeul. Seoul Metropolitan Government will also pursue the development and use of plain language by government officials in various ways, such as by spreading the use of simplified administrative terms, so as to expand the government’s communication with Seoul citizens.

    To promote the use of correct, plain language throughout the organization, the city government will implement plain language evaluations and strengthen plain language training for the creation of public documents for all government employees.

    Furthermore, after an evaluation of Seoul’s image, which is based on the Hangeul script, Seoul Metropolitan Government will launch the “Integrated Design Project for Seoul, the City of Hangeul” to establish Seoul’s identity as the “City of Hangeul.”