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  • Seoul Enforces Home-Visiting ‘Seoul Care – Health Dolbom’ in Ten Districts

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1867

    Seoul will extensively push forward with ‘Seoul Care – Health Dolbom,’ which offers integrated support for all citizens to enjoy healthy lives in their neighborhoods in addition to medical consultation, nutrition, and rehabilitation services by visiting community health center Dolbom teams and connections with safety bars installation, companionship, and outdoor programs.

    ‘Seoul Care – Health Dolbom’ is a leading model of local, customized inclusive care. Health Dolbom teams will be formed and operated at community health centers that put residents’ health first, and professionals like neighborhood doctors, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and mental health personnel will be stationed. The teams will visit resident households experiencing difficulty with health management to offer extensive health assessments, disease education, and concentrated nutrition and rehabilitation services in addition to forming links with visiting community centers for necessary service support and follow-up management.

    To construct a Health Dolbom infrastructure, Seoul cooperated with concerned organizations, studied the required sectors, educated professionals, and developed manuals and computation programs last year for thorough preparations that resulted in trial operations of Health Dolbom in the four districts of Seongdong, Nowon, Eunpyeong, and Gwanak in November and December of 2018. As the first project of the Seoul Dolbom policy-integrated brand ‘Seoul Care,’ Health Dolbom will be expanded to 10 districts and enforced in all districts by 2022. Health center branches, the hub of Health Dolbom, will be expanded to five locations and up to 80 locations by 2022. Health Dolbom teams will be stationed at all future health center branches as base centers of district Health Dolboms.

    Furthermore, the city concluded the ‘Business Agreement for Construction and Operation of the Seoul Care – Health Dolbom System’ with Seoul Medical Association for stable launching of Health Dolbom last month on the 27th. This improved cooperation withㄹ private medical institutions and allowed for doctors of neighborhood clinics to take part in the project as Health Dolbom team ‘neighborhood doctors’ to increase the effectiveness of local Dolbom services.