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  • Seoul Energy Corporation has launched Seoul Solar Centers in 5 regions, providing support from installment to post-management of solar generators.

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  • Seoul Energy Corporation has launched Seoul Solar Centers in 5 regions, providing support from installment to post-management of solar generators.

  • Press Releases SMG 1000
    • – Master plan of “2022 Solar City, Seoul” in full swing
    • – Aiming to reach 125,000 households and 80MW solar power equipment by 2018
    • – “One-stop service” from installation to post-management to better serve citizens
    • – Supplying solar generators to 1 million households by 2022, targeting 1GW solar photovoltaic generation

    “Seoul Solar Center” of Seoul Energy Corporation led by Jin Seop Park is officially launched in March 12th (Mon). The center provides one-stop service from application for installing solar generators to post-management for Seoul citizens. Solar call center and regional support centers also starts operation on March 12th, communicating and handling inquires with citizens.

    Seoul Solar Center helps communication with citizens and support their participation. By doing so, the Center aims to supply solar power to 1 million households and achieve 1GW solar generation in Seoul by 2022. The major projects of Seoul Solar Center include ▴one-stop service for miniature solar generators, ▴large-scale solar projects at public sites, ▴solar project support and ▴solar station project.

    Seoul Energy Corporation aims to provide a total of 80MW photovoltaic generation for 125,000 households in Seoul by 2018. In addition to the solar-powered house project, Seoul Energy Corporation will accelerate its pace of establishing mega-sized photovoltaic power plants in public sites. The Corporation will also develop projects to expand the mega-sized supply of solar power by installing photovoltaic generation facilities at public sites in Seoul. Further development is underway for the projects as follows: Seoul Grand Park’s solar power generation project (10,000kW) using its parking lot which is a citizen participation-centered project based on citizen fund; solar photovoltaic project (10MW) on to-be-landfills in the metropolitan area; and Seoul World Cup Stadium’s solar power project (400kW) which will be an iconic landmark of “Solar City, Seoul.”

    Solar Energy Corporation will play a role of expanding solar photovoltaic projects by providing a broad range of relevant support. The Corporation will provide “free consulting services” and “School for Energy Startups” for citizens who want to start a solar power business. These programs intend to provide training courses for talents in future energy sector and create quality jobs. The Corporation will also help direct and indirect investors of solar power projects doing the small-sized electricity sales business.

    Last but not least, the solar station projects will be further developed in 25 districts in Seoul, where drivers can charge electric vehicles with solar power. Solar Energy Corporation plans to generate green energy for better air quality and increase the number of electric vehicles on the road. In addition, the Corporation plans to build Seongdong Solar Station available for charging 24 hours a day based on energy saving system (ESS) and Yangcheon Solar Station based on resource circulation model with used batteries.