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  • Seoul embraces all foreigners as its citizens

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    Seoul City said it had held its “2010 Seoul Town Meeting” on Dec. 12 with 180 invited foreign residents of the nation’s capital in attendance.

    The annual meeting launched in 2000 has been serving as a platform for Seoul government officials and foreign residents to jointly discuss various issues in key areas concerned with the quality of life in order to make improvements. The areas cover transportation, tourism, culture, education and medical services.

    Seoul Town Meeting Photos

    The participants held discussions on matters that had been categorized into two themes: “The Reception and Settlement of Global Culture” and “Reducing Seoul’s Air Pollution.”

    Seoul City stressed that this year’s meeting had allocated more time to addressing the issues facing the foreign community and provided a question-and-answer session in order to sufficiently address concerns.

    “The Seoul Town Meeting serves as a platform for the government to directly hear about the issues and lifestyle challenges facing foreigners residing in Seoul in order to find solutions and make improvements together,” Oh Seung-hwan, a Seoul City official, said. “Such an approach will serve to foster Seoul into a global city, a city that foreigners consider a comfortable place to live, and one they will want to call their home.”