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  • Seoul Drum Festival 2011 Opens

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the Seoul Drum Festival 2011, which will bring together world-class percussive music teams from Korea and around the world, at the special stage in Seoul Plaza for two days, starting with the opening ceremony at 7 pm on September 23.

    The Seoul Drum Festival 2011, hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, marks its 13th annual edition this year. The main programs include the Fringe Drum Concert, and a festival of the world’s percussion music, which will serve as the grand finale of the numerous festivals taking place at many locations throughout Seoul in September.

    As many as 18 world-class percussion music teams from Korea, Australia, Japan, China, Mexico, and Brazil will take part in the main event, staging an extravaganza of fun and excitement unique to percussive music. The event is expected to provide the audience with a chance to appreciate the charms unique to the art of percussion, as well as allowing them to communicate with each other beyond the barriers of language and culture.

    Various experience programs will also take place from 11am to 6pm on September 24, making the festival all the more enjoyable and exciting. The scheduled programs will include the World Percussion Instrument Exhibition and Experience, which will showcase more than 1,000 percussion instruments from around the world, the Learn how to play percussion instruments from East and West, and the Recycled Musical Instrument-making programs.

    Notably, the world-class percussion music teams participating in this year’s Seoul Drum Festival will hold a congratulatory friendship concert at the Korea-Japan Joint Festival, which will be held at Seoul Plaza on September 25 as part of the Drum Festival to boost friendship between the two neighbors.

    Admission to the event is free. For further information, please contact the 120 Dasan Call Center, or visit the Seoul Drum Festival’s website at (www.seouldrum.go.kr).

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