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  • Seoul Distributes Guidelines for Protecting Against the Violation of Children’s and Teen’s Human Rights

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1554

    Seoul plans to establish 「Guidelines on Human Rights for Children and Teens」 for distribution this year to actively inform young people. Due to the lack of information on appropriate measures protecting against the violations of young people’s human rights, professionals who have worked with children and adolescents have struggled to identify and respond to laws and precedent.

    According to a comparison between national research data from 2015 on the state of children and adolescent’s human rights in Korea as a whole and in Seoul, the percentage of youths who experienced discrimination based on gender, school performance, or age in Seoul was 1.9% higher than young people from other parts of the country.
    Seoul does not guarantee human rights concerning child and youth labor, nor does Seoul have enough places or facilities that young people can freely use or play in.

    Hence, Seoul is in the process of promoting education that will heighten sensitivity to human rights failures on the basis of the 「2018 Ordinance on Human Rights for Children and Teens」 and the 「2017 Survey on Human Rights for Children and Teens」 and establish the 「Guidelines on Human Rights for Children and Teens」 that will provide substantial human rights information for actual application to children’s and teens’ lives.

    The 「Guidelines on Human Rights for Children and Teens」 includes thirty-six concrete cases from the eight areas of health, violence, freedom of expression, freedom of privacy, labor, education, safety, and self-determination and presents a judgment standard of human rights protection based on precedent, presenting measures and countermeasures. The guideline addresses potential violations of human rights through cases or facilities that young people tend to be curious about and explains the countermeasures in detail.

    Seoul will distribute the 「Guidelines on Human Rights for Children and Teens」 in 100 youth facilities and institutes throughout the city, on the city website (http://ebook.seoul.go.kr), and on facility websites for all citizens to utilize.