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    Those who observe social distancing in daily lives are the heroes
Seoul Metropolitan 
Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters
Those who observe distancing in their daily lives are the heroes
Thank you
We overcame
COVID-19 together with you.
Please be a hero until the very end.
Practical Measures for [You, the Hero] 
for Distancing in Everyday Life
Visit a screening clinic at a community health center upon signs of symptoms.
[Rest at home when feeling sick.]
Wear a mask when using public transportation or visiting public facilities.
Frequently wash your hands for 30 seconds and practice good coughing etiquette.
[Cough into your sleeve.]
Keep a minimum of 1-meter distance between others.
You are the hero who overcomes COVID-19.

In spite of the tiresome and unfamiliar disinfections and sterilizations, table arrangements,
and the many tasks to complete and tend to amongst the exhaustion of everyday life… 
Designate a manager for infection control and provide hand sanitizer.
Check body temperatures at entrances and reinforce monitoring.
Maintain a 1- to 2-meter distance with customers.
Maintain a 2-meter distance between tables (min. 1 meter).

Different ways to greet, eat, talk
Though staying cautious in everyday life comes before feels of ease…

    Public Transportation
Though we wear masks, wait for the next ride,
and behave cautiously when using public transportation…

    Office Workers
Though we work and hold meetings differently than the past
and complain sometimes about the changing times…

    Everyday Life
Though we grumble that everyday life is a bit inconvenient, frustrating,
and unfamiliar as it is still hard to adjust to…