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  • Seoul Disseminates Best Practices for Policy Adoption at American Society of Public Administration

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    • Seoul presents multiple Best Practices for Policy Adoption, E-government, Sharing economy etc. alongside foreign professors at the American society of public administration
    • Seoul at the head of bridging best practices to the world by presentations in well-established international gatherings

    Seoul announces participation in American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) in Seattle for March 18th (Fri) to March 22nd (Tue), presenting best Practices for Policy Adoption of Seoul with professors from Rutgers University.

    American Society of Public Administration (ASPA, http://www.aspanet.org/public) is an organization of public administrative studies with scholars, public officials. Enterprises and students with tens of thousands of members around the world presenting cases of innovative public administration yearly, this year held in Seattle.

    There will be a special session(20th ~22nd of March) on March 20th (Sun) on “Seoul, Korea e-Governance: Best Practices for Policy Adoption” Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration, founding Dean, Marc Holzer, Professors Aroon P.Manoharan and Alan R.Shark will present the best practice for Seoul’s E-government and Director of Information System Planning Division and Director of Civil Service Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government will sit as panels.

    Presentation consists of space information system of Seoul, governance with citizen’s participation through SNS (Seoul Online Civil Complaints etc.), WeGo and how Seoul’s innovative E-government is impacting the transparency, civil responsibility, and governance with citizens of local governments.

    The presentation will also include the introduction to the cooperative contribution of WeGo, founded in Sept 2010 with Seoul’s leading participation, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government in the area of E-Government.

    └▶ Digital e-governance of Seoul Metropolitan Government

    21st March (Mon), a special session on 「Seoul Case Study Program (SCSP) Special Session」
    (Seoul Case Study Program) will be introduced which is run by professors and students from city universities to renounce international universities, Deborah Carroll and 4 other professors and 2 students that assisted in running the program will assess on Seoul’s Mobile Voting App and lessons learnt from the experience of Seoul’s E-government.

    22th March (Tue), a special session on 「Promotion Versus Regulation: Contrasting Seoul’s and San Francisco’s」 Director of Information System Planning of Seoul Metropolitan Government will introduce Seoul’s sharing economy and it’s examples and tasks for the future, in the same session researchers of sharing economy from San Francisco is scheduled to share cases of San Francisco’s sharing economy, comparing and analyzing the practices between Seoul and San Francisco. This is especially meaningful because San Francisco is dubbed the mecca of sharing economy.

    From 2012, to resolve parking problems, environmental issues, excessive consumption by resource sharing at a local government level has implemented sharing economy, Co-founder of Airbnb, the largest lodging sharing enterprise Joe Gebbia, has dubbed Seoul “The sharing city of the future”. Seoul has achieved much progress in a short time to deserve this thus receiving attention from many sharing enterprises and local governments.

    Seoul International Cooperation Bureau of Lee Beong Han has stated that it is meaningful to participate in well-established international academic events and let the world know the best practices of policy adoptions of the city of Seoul. In future Seoul should pro-actively share the best practices in not only to heighten a place in the world as a world city but also to create opportunities with world cities and evolve together with them.