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  • Seoul disinfects subway trains of Line 1 and Sindorim Station

  • Press Releases SMG 612
    • As the large scale of cases was confirmed at a call center located in Guro-gu, emergency disinfection measures were carried out on March 10 and 11
    • All subway trains on Line 1 and the Sindorim Station’s concourses, platforms, stairways, transfer passageways and toilets were completely disinfected

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 11, 2020 – The Seoul Metro said that it performed an intensive disinfection activity for two days from March 10 and 11 for all of subway Line 1 trains and the Sindorim Station that were used for commuting by COVID-19 confirmed patients. The large scale of cases was confirmed at a call center of an indemnity insurance company located in Sindorim-dong, Guro-gu. Seoul.

    On March 10 when the movement records of the 46 confirmed patients were announced, the Seoul Metro immediately and urgently disinfected the inside of the 14 trains of the subway Line 1 including the handles and handlebars.

    As the Sindorim Station is located near the call center, the disinfection was completed for the entire station in Line 1 and 2 including its entry and exit gates, platforms, concourses, inner and outer stairways, transfer passageways and toilets.

    The Seoul Metro also conducted additional disinfection for the Line 1 and the Sindorim Station on March 11 as well in part of its active responsive measures with the aims to prevent further spreading of the virus and to ease the anxiety of passengers.

    In addition, it disinfected ten other transfer stations which are expected to have been used by the confirmed patients, including stations of Hapjeong, Jongno 3(sam)-ga, Dongdaemun, Seoul Nat’l Univ. of Education, and Seolleung.

    Since February 23 when the government raised the alert status to the highest level “serious (Red),” the Seoul Metro also increased its disinfection level to its highest and it has conducted the disinfection on a regular basis.

    It performs the disinfection for the inside of subway stations twice a week, for toilets twice a day, and for single-use transportation cards every day. Besides, the Seoul Metro has strengthened the disinfection for the inside of the trains by sterilizing the handles and safety bars for every turning train.