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  • Seoul to develop public apps through “Open Source Project” like Google, Apple

  • Press Releases SMG 1087
    • – The “Seoul Public App Open Source Project Contest” to be held for the first time in South Korea
    • – An opportunity for anyone to upgrade and develop public sector apps to be given
    • – A total of six public app sources to be disclosed for the contest and an overall app developing process to be evaluated to decide the winners

    SEOUL, South Korea, August 16, 2017 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announces that it will apply “Open Source Project” method to develop public apps. It will begin with hosting the “Seoul Public App Open Source Project Contest” for the first time in Korea.

    The “Open Source Project” is a collaborative process where corporates or governments disclose their public data and/or software source for free, and app developers are able to participate to upgrade the software and to produce a product. It is actively utilized among global IT firms including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung Electronics. It is also widely used among overseas government agencies in UK and Canada as well as the US White House and NASA.

    The following six SMG’s public app sources will be disclosed for the contest:
    A. Sharing Car: Utilize Open Data Plaza Sharing Car OpenAPI
    B. Seoul Map Tagging: Utilize Open Data Plaza Map Tagging OpenAPI
    C. Seoul Walking Trail: Enhance Seoul Walking Trail app functions
    D. Hangang (or Han River): Hangang facility information and access guide
    E. Hello Pet! Abandoned Pets: Location guide for dog shelters and community management
    F. 2015 and 2016 Seoul App Contest Winning Projects

    Those interested must select one of the six topics above, set up a team and submit a proposal plan to the SMG. A total of 6 teams will be selected for completing the project and revealing the finished public app and its relevant materials and sources.

    Registrations will be accepted until August 31, 2017 through Seoul Mobile Platform (https://mplatform.seoul.go.kr) or via email (khj1212@seoul.go.kr). A single team cannot sign up for multiple projects.

    The six selected teams should precede their projects until November 30, 2017, and then will face final evaluation on December 8.

    This contest is different from other contests because evaluation will not be based on only the app’s functionality, but also on the overall project planning and app developing process.

    The SMG will set up an evaluation committee comprised of external experts to guarantee transparency and fairness of the evaluation.

    After the contest, the SMG will continue its support of the project to ensure that it is well-operated. City officials from relevant divisions will join and help develop it into a project that provides practical assistance for administrative duties. Also, the developed apps will be actively promoted so that many citizens are encouraged to use them.