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  • Seoul Design Support Center Offers Free Monthly Online Education

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    The Seoul Design Support Center is offering twenty-three one-month-long courses under the themes of ‘creativity’ and ‘design issues’ free of charge to members of the public, design majors or experts engaged in related areas from Friday, March 2 to Saturday, March 31.

    Creativity-based Ad Production Processes ,The World of Book Production

    The courses, which consist of interesting topics proposed by experts working in a variety of fields, are designed to enable ordinary citizens who would otherwise have difficulty gaining access to design education, as well as design majors and those working in the field, to complete the courses more easily.

    The Seoul Design Support Center runs the free online education courses every month. Those interested should apply online at edu.seouldesign.or.kr at the beginning of each month. For inquiries about future educational programs or any other type of support, please visit the Website (http://sdsc.seouldesign.or.kr/eng/index.jsp) or call the center at +82-2-2096-0113.