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  • Seoul Design Support Center Holds Special City Brand Design Exhibition

  • Integrated News SMG 2016

     Official poster for the City Brand Design Exhibition The Seoul Design Support Center is holding the unique “City Brand Design Exhibition” from Monday, February 27 to Saturday, April 28. The exhibition is designed to offer visitors an overview of individual cities’ logos and slogans designed and developed by provincial and autonomous local governments and a closer look at products and printed/published materials that incorporate such designs in a single venue.

    The inner hall on the first floor displays various urban brands arrayed in cubes to stimulate interest among visitors to the exhibition hall, while the design manuals of the respective cities on display on the fifth and sixth floors enable visitors to explore how urban brand designs are utilized. They can learn about the history of chronological changes in urban brand design from the corridor displays.

    For further information about the exhibition, please visit the website (http://www.seouldesign.or.kr/eng), write to (ysso@seouldesign.or.kr), or dial +82-2-2096-0180.

     Photos exhibited at the City Brand Design Exhibition