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  • Seoul Design Foundation Creates Metaverse to Experience Design at DDP

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    Seoul Design Foundation is strengthening the role of DDP as a future design platform by opening up a virtual version of DDP on Korea’s leading metaverse platform ZEPETO.

    Citizens can experience design through exhibitions and programs on the virtual football field-sized rooftop space of DDP, which can be accessed only by facility managers in real life since it is not open for public access due to safety issues.

    Seoul Design Foundation has been conducting a study to develop Seoul Design Week, which was started in 2013, into a global design festival. It chose the metaverse platform ZEPETO with 200 million global users and the video chat platform Gather for public participation. Anyone can exchange their ideas about design anytime, anywhere without physical limitations in the metaverse, which has emerged as a new trend among the Millennials and Gen Z. The future of Seoul Design Week will also be further designed through this participatory process.

    Following the implementation of DDP in the metaverse space, DDP’s furniture collection will be opened to public in October. DDP currently has a collection of 1,869 pieces of furniture, which are of 319 items from 87 brands created by 112 designers in 30 countries. The selected furniture pieces from this collection will be displayed on DDP’s rooftop field. Seoul Design Foundation will continue updating the content for citizens’ enjoyment.

    In addition, from October 26 to 29, Seoul Design Foundation will hold an open forum in the virtual space of DDP. At the forum, leading design experts from Korea and around the world will discuss the “future of design” with a focus on environmental, social, and cultural issues. Seoul Design Foundation will also hold a workshop with the citizens and young designers to lead the future of design world. At the workshop, the participants will exchange questions and answers about the future of design.