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  • Seoul Design Foundation and IKEA Korea to promise strategic collaboration for ‘Sustainable Design’

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    • The Foundation’s goal of improving the quality of civic life and IKEA’s “Democratic Design” philosophy, which advocates design for all, meet to change the lives of citizens after pandemic.
    • Continuing collaboration for sustainable cities such as care facilities, DDP stores, and UD platforms
    • SUPerbag Sharing Event using spare fabric donated by IKEA Korea will be held.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 26, 2020 – The Seoul Design Foundation (CEO Choi Kyung-ran) signed a business agreement with IKEA Korea to create a society that can contribute to citizens’ happy and better lives through sustainable design.

    Based on the vision of the Seoul Design Foundation and the value of “Democratic Design” pursued by IKEA under the slogan of “Design for All,” the two organizations shared the common goal of improving the lives of citizens living in daily spaces, especially urban spaces. In particular, it is significant that the public sector and private companies have agreed to revitalize our lives, which have been staying in our homes since the COVID-19

    The Seoul Design Foundation is a specialized organization of Seoul Metropolitan Government that spreads design culture for the better life of citizens. Through MOU with IKEA Korea, it plans to continue strategic cooperation to realize common design goals together.

    “With this agreement, we will plan and actively participate in various activities so that more people can live a sustainable and healthy life at home and in their daily lives”, said Fredrik Johansson, CEO of IKEA Korea and chief sustainability officer (CSO).

    Choi Kyung-ran, CEO of the Seoul Design Foundation, said, “The foundation has devised a business strategy to utilize sustainable design for all businesses. IKEA’s design philosophy for everyone agrees with the foundation in terms of social contribution. With the business agreement, we look forward to various collaborations so that the two organizations can realize the foundation’s vision and IKEA’s philosophy that can change citizens’ lives in a better direction.”

    Starting with the business agreement, the Seoul Design Foundation and IKEA Korea will hold a “SUPerbag Sharing Event” for 250 children from economically vulnerable families at the end of the year. The “SUPerbag Sharing Event” uses about 1,000 kilograms of upcycled materials (fabric remnants) donated by IKEA Korea to produce practical bags (SUPerbags) that children can use conveniently. In addition, the educational kits about upcycling will be enclosed and delivered to 250 children and students to practice upcycling for preparing the future of a transition society.