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  • Seoul Design Assets Exhibition and Children’s Experience Class from June 20 – July 31

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a Seoul Design Assets Exhibition at the J-Bug Exhibition Hall in Ttukseom from June 20 to July 31. It will also offer an experience class for elementary students during the summer vacation.

    Images of Royal Ceremonial Robes, and Embroiled Patches on the Breast of Official Uniform, Images of Dancing Hangeul and Hanyang Folklore Paintings

    The exhibition will display media artworks, which express traditional assets with modern technique, including ceremonial robes, and folklore paintings from Hanyang (ancient Seoul), which gained popularity during last year’s exhibition. The event will also showcase presentations that utilize digital and 3-D graphics, and other exhibits that illustrate the modern utility of Seoul’s design assets, adding to the fun for visitors.

    To introduce and promote Seoul’s design assets in an easier and friendly way, the City Government will operate a family-group experience program for elementary students during the summer vacation. The participants will have an opportunity to enjoy fun events, including the creation of mock-ups of future Hangang bridges in imagination, and the creation of decorative furniture using traditional structuring methods. Participants will be recruited via online application.

    The experience class will be conducted twice on July 28 and 29, with a maximum of 30 participants for each class. Applications should be submitted at www.seouldesigncenter.com from July 7 (to be selected on a first come, first served basis).