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  • Seoul Delegation to Visit US and Canada to Attend GSEF

  • SMG 1626

    SSEoul Delegation to Visit US and Canada to Attend GSEF

    Schedule for visiting each city 2016. 9. 4(SUN) ~ 9. 12(MON) 9 days 7 night

    Keeping ties among cities & Attracting invest for Seoul, Winner of Pulitzer Prize, Arianna Huffington, Winner of Nobel Prize in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, Talos Intvan, Mayor of Budapest, Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montraeal

    After GSEF 2014 in Seoul Growth of Social Economy in Quantity, Expansion of Revenue and Hiring of Social Economy Businesses

    GSEF 2016 In Montreal GLOBAL SOCIAL ECONOMY FORUM What is the Montreal GSEF? Exclusive international networking platform in social & economic field established by Seoul

    Sharing strategies to resolve urban issues by proliferating social enconomy & Presenting policy cases of Seoul

    Gsef With international mayors & leaders of social economy organizations GSEF 2016 in Montreal We hope that the GSEF will evolve into a hun where dreams become a reality.